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Venus and Adonis
by William Shakespeare

Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol, April 2018
St Monica’s Trust Theatre, Bristol, May 2018
Bath Festival Fringe at The Rondo Theatre, Bath, May 2018

Venus and Adonis was Shakespeare's first ‘bestseller’. Written in 1593, when the theatres were closed because of the plague, it was an immediate success, running to 16 editions over the next few years.

It tells the story of the goddess Venus, her obsession for the mortal Adonis and their passionate encounter.

In Venus and Adonis’ dazzling verbal virtuosity, the young Shakespeare explores love with the wit and pathos that would be later found in his best-loved romantic comedies.

Ken Bell and Fiona McClure adapted Shakespeare’s classic into a play for four actors and violinist, with our customary stripped-back technique.

Photography by Stewart McPherson